Friday 7 January 2011

Attention Deficit (part two)

It seems that The Quiz of the Year 2010 (a bitsnbobs special), like the Touring Britain game mentioned yesterday, was just one too many.

It was the second.

Reaction was divided between silent disinterest and noisy frustration.

One reader said – “I’m afraid I really like your blog but…….”

Fear of liking something confuses me, is it good or bad?

Bad I guess because the next person said: - “ I did not think it would take so long.”

Something confirmed by the next person who told me: - “Quiz very hard, 2 hours yesterday with help and I fell asleep before the end.”

I hope they were in a comfy bed and not an internet cafe!

What have i done?!

Honest, it wasn’t meant to be hard, except one question – it was offered as fun and diversion but seems to have been received in anguish and pain.

One person’s head even “cracked open”!

Blimey – all I can say is, surely doing the quiz can in no way be as hard as scoring it!

Some of the answers given are better than mine, some are wrong but very funny, some are right but wrong and some are wrong but right.

Should the judge be cold and heartless or reward creativity?
Should the judge disqualify anyone who had help, or compensate for initiative taken?
Should the judge allow himself to be influenced by female charm?

I’ll tell you what – I’ll use creative scoring and announce the answers and results tomorrow. That gives a final 24 hours for bribes to arrive and me to sort out the mess – some of which was of my own making as I messed a couple of things in the original questions – something for which I can only apologise humbly.

Lessons learned?

1. Give people a deadline and they will wait to the very, very last minute.
2. K.I.S.
3. Don’t do a Quiz of the Year.

Then again someone else wrote –“ never got to do the famous quiz before the deadline. Looking forward to 2011's Bits and Bobs so I can do next year's.”

Hmm, I sense an impending dilemma!

Here’s what we’ll do.

Everyone that would like to do a Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year 2011 should send in a question to include before December 24th 2011, I’ll add one and that’ll be it.

If no one sends one then so be it.


Mary said...


I wouldn't take the comments about the Quiz of the Year to heart. Keep in mind that the Quiz coincides with a joyful but chaotic time of the year so some allowance must be made for lack of sleep and perhaps a bit too much cheer. And for some, like myself, the years have discombobulated our brains.

K.I.S. is good -- I even read somewhere that it was one of the top ten best things in life!

I am confident that as long as there is a BnB's there will be a Quiz of the Year.

May the best answerer win!

popps said...

No bribe then?

Mary said...

Wouldn't want to compromise the unimpeachable integrity of the judge(s).

Still ... there might be room for something -- not a bribe so much as perhaps a 'reward' for all the tough slogging, or rather, tough blogging.

No, I think not. Fair play, etc., etc...


PS -- Would sleep on it if I were you. The winner may come to you in a dream ~~~:-)

popps said...

Wicked, and not fair!

Mary said...

Ah bowakawa, pousse, pousse ...


Anonymous said...

I love doing the quiz - I did find it hard and fell asleep and did it (with help but I thought it was as a team!) Win'Schwim ! enjoyed doing it! How about a crossword! Do not be disheartened reward artistic anarchy and inventive wit. Im looking forward to knowing the answers and seeing other entries x

popps said...

A Croosword?!
I think i've been cross enough already!!

Janet Bianchini said...

Well,...I'm glad to hear that the general opinion is that it was a difficult quiz, as I was beginning to think it was just me!! Can't wait to see what the answers are!

I like the brilliant idea of your readers submitting a question - I'll have to think of a good one before the deadline. Sounds like fun!

Anne said...

"Fear of liking" is waffling for "help, I can't deal with this at the moment". It's not good or bad, it's just pulling the hoodie or the covers up, depending on location. That's what winter is for, sometimes, right. Hey, ho. Looking forward to the days growing longer.

popps said...

They are Anne!
I had to drive son to station this morning, the alarm clock said "oh my god" as usual but the sun was peeping.
Bird song in the trees.
Catkins in the hedgerow!