Saturday 8 January 2011

QUIZ of the YEAR 2010 - RESULTS!!!

Here it is!!

After hours and hours of fretting and worrying, the editorial board here at Bitsnbobs are proud to announce the results of The Quiz of The Year 2010 – the quiz with the fizz!

A controversial quiz to say the least - criticised for being too long, too hard, too vague, too un-multiple choice and too demanding.

And the battle ground for undue influence (of judges).

Oh, and the quiz setter messed up – question 9 included a future scheduled post in which he forgot to add the correct photo.


Other than that all you had to do was look at the visuals - except question 10 where you had to trawl through 10 blogposts (though advance warning had been given at the time, two moths earlier).

Answers first – though these are the answers hoped for – not necessarily the ones received.

Question 1 – (spot the girls backpack/11 June video) – Pink! (43 seconds). Full marks everyone!

Question 2 – (spot the white Rabbit/ 11 May) – In the clouds at the top of the poster, centre, two big ears and a black nose – It’s soooooooooo obvious. One correct answer and one bonus point given (for "in the hat").

Question 3 – (spot the Krissie/Feb 27) – third from right, blue top, black trousers, blue towel. Ok tricky if you have never met, though there are other photos of her around the blog, and if you had said Tenerife you would have got a point.If you draw a diagonal from each corner of the photo they will meet on her so i guess the camera was pointed straight at her.

Question 4 – (Spot the artist/Feb 19) – In front of the big tyre (you had to say Where not Who – in the original “spot the ball” competitions the answer was always a place not Slazenger or Dunlop).

Question 5 - (spot the difference 8 Jan and 27 Nov) – Closer. More Snow. More Leaves. (it was meant to be easy).

Question 6 – (spot the cost of a haircut/25 July) – 7 pounds (fourth photo down on the left). Full marks again!

Question 7 – (Spot the Rock Band and bonus for the song/August 1). Ok this was meant to be the HARD one, to sort out the wheat from the other bit. In fact no one got close so maybe it was tooooooo difficult, though of course it had to be a Band! Answer – Dire Straits. Walking in the Wild West End. Second photo, listen to the lyrics (video above).

Question 8 – (Odd one out/ 2 Oct) – Obviously, the green leaf! I gave out another bonus here as someone made me giggle.

Question 9 – (Maths) – Answers ranged from 162(?!) to over 11, 000! So everyone has it right, or the question is null and void as the question setter messed up. The answer was meant to be 77 + 88 + 18 + 0 (because there is NO number) – 11 (on the wall, Portabello rd W.11) + ? (this is where I made a mistake as I had intended to use a photo with a number and then forgot – but in the rules established it would also be a zero so total is ) = 172. Maybe the person who said 162 (and claimed to have O level maths) was on the right track and just slipped up at the end.

Question 10 – ( Part A - quotes/unquote’s) – Kevin Spacey in American Beauty/ Goethe/ John Lennon/Me (as in me not you)/David Carradine/Kurt Vonnegut/Tom Waits in Rumble Fish/Gelett Burgess/Oxford Dictionary/Pete Townsend (accept The Who).

Which brings us to Question 10, part B – what is the Big Prize?

Ok tricky question, which did assume that you had read the blog this year AND remembered that the quiz was visual (so there had to be a photo somewhere). The fact was even given in the comments.

The answer was - "A Bumble Bee Toothbrush Holder if the winner is not Dave (because he had already won one this year), something else if the winner turns out to be Dave."

A long and complicated answer I admit but B.B Toothbrush holder would have been enough.

Everybody got their name right (Question 10 part d), well done, some claimed a bonus point (part c) but couldn’t identify where or when – which I think you will agree has to be discounted as it’s too easy to do that.

So who wins the big Prize?

Hang on.

Conflab, natter natter, snigger, yes but, purple?, hmm, youthful! Huh! Natter, Yes, but, what?!! She didn’t?, yes , ok.

Congratulations to Mary, by one point!

Well done everyone else.

And thanks to everyone for entering or explaining that they were too tired to.

Mary, one Bumble Bee Toothbrush holder is ready to wing its way to Canada.


Janet Bianchini said...

Congratulations to Mary!! You have really earned a well deserved Bumble Bee Toothbrush holder!! The quiz was very challenging, so hats off to you!


Mary said...

Thanks Janet.

YEAHHHHHHH! Was sure that I couldn't possibly win.

As I have -- I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to Chris for all the hard work putting the quiz together [one mistake in the devising is forgiven]and to all my fellow participants. Winning by 1 point is hardly a landslide victory. Would also like to thank the judge(s) -- Any whisperings of influence are totally unjustified or at least cannot be proven.

MY VERY OWN BUMBLE BEE HOLDER! WOW! If you live long enough, it is true that all your dreams will come true.

Yours humbly in victory,

Mary from Canada XXX
[Must now put on parka and mukluks and shovel the 4 feet of snow that fell overnight. I expect the big prize to arrive either by dogsled or during the spring thaw:-)]

Mary said...

PS -- I was so excited that I wrote Bumble Bee Holder instead of Bumble Bee Toothbrush Holder. Definitely do not want a holder to carry bumble bees. Toothbrush - yes!


popps said...

I'm afraid it's already too late, the dog sleds have left with the Bumble Bee Holder!

Mary said...

Serves me right:-)

Next year's big prize -- Pot of Honey?


popps said...

Now you read it here - Don't Forget!

Anonymous said...

yay well done Mary - I enjoy reading your comments a lot - are we going to get to see the answer that made you laugh and I loved the Dire Straits xxx

popps said...

Maybe i foolishly thought EVERYONE loved this song and knew it by heart.