Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Secret Message from the Past!

I’m staying with the theme – started on Monday in the wardrobe - of riffling back through moments gone by, but captured.

It all started because I was looking for the photo that appears here tomorrow – thus giving today a nice dichotomy(is that the right word?)with both future and past.

Which is interesting (for me at least, but I hope you too) because today’s jottings come courtesy of an old, little-used note book that I found whilst looking for the picture that appeared yesterday.

And in it, on page two, are the words, “how do you know there is a past”.

Clearly this was a thought that popped into my head and I deemed it worth noting down at the time though the subsequent creative crash that surely followed is now, sadly missing.

I think the line should read – “How do you KNOW there is a past”, and that might be worth a thought?

Clearly our memories can not be trusted – as Mary graphically illustrated yesterday, so what about photos? They too can be changed.

Well there’s a cow in my field that wasn’t there yesterday so there was a different field than today – but that’s just memory again isn’t it?

Anyway – elsewhere in the note book there are some ideas for a millennium event; I’ll guess I must wait a 1000 years before I can use them now. I wonder if Pavarotti will still feel like singing from a cliff top then.

There’s an idea for a story that I still like, but needs some work, so I’ll try.

And then I found two secret messages – one from my niece to me and one from me to her. I think we wrote them when she was seven.

Everyone should get a secret message from time to time.

Here’s hers.

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