Sunday 10 October 2010

And Go On Doing It - A Practical Guide to some of Life's Top Things (no 6 of 10)

Hey, you know this practical guide to some of life’s best things that you are publishing every Sunday?


Well, it’s not very practical is it?

What do you mean?

Well, shouldn’t a practical guide tell you how to do things?



It does.

It does?

It does - eat blackberries, in a zen-metaphory way, create, build memories and give and take surprises - like that guy said.

John what’s-his-name?

No,the other one, the writer. Em, American – began with V I think.

What did he say?

Something like “there’s no point in studying history, all it ever teaches you is to be surprised”.

So, I should go out and eat metaphorical blackberries, create, build some memories and be surprised and I’ll have a good life?

It might help, you can be surprising too- but there’s more.

There is?

There is.

(together) NUMBER SIX!

For which, I have to tell you a story….

It begins in a field in Essex and ends in a wood near Kendal, though to be honest I’m not sure which happened first – maybe it started in a wood in Kendal and ended in a field in Essex. It was definitely a field in Essex and not a wood and vice versa with respect to Kendal, a beautiful wood alongside a wild hill stream and a track that lead to what once had been a mill driven by the river’s rush.

So lets just say that the two happened simultaneously; that at the same moment I took this photo in the cobweb enhanced mill workshop somewhere near Kendal I met Thom Pod for the first time in a field in Essex.

Thom Pod is American but I think his family was Polish and either way he was a bit of a gypsy who played saxophone and could make all sorts of sound effects with his mouth - which he did, as he accompanied Daniel Rovai as he clowned on stage.

And Thom Pod had a van, and a house hidden secretly in a quarry in Cornwall and I was in the quarry buying his van, certainly after the field - but maybe, or maybe not, before the wood – when he gave me this piece of advice, which scary at first has helped me with most of things I’ve done since : -

“Take a chance, that’s what it’s all about.”

Which is when I simultaneously took this photo up in a mill in a wood near Kendal.

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Mary said...

Hi Chris:

I love the way the top ten list is shaping up.