Tuesday 9 March 2010

Celluloid Considerations One

(picture by minnie)

Ah, there IS some justice in the world - Avatar didn't win Best Picture at the Oscars and UP won two.

If you missed the full list of winners, here it is.

As a kid I was always slightly perturbed, only slightly you understand, by the apparent lack of need among TV and film characters to go to the toilet.

It seemed unnatural.

It some films whole days would go past without a visit to the bathroom. They never ate either.

Now, I’ve just been for a run up the track through the forest – it’s when I get all my best ideas – and I found myself remembering this.

Juno – one of my favourite recent films (and an Oscar winner for original screenplay in 2007) – has two toilet scenes - one very early on, the other mid movie and both plot development - but as I ran I found it difficult to remember many other such episodes in the things I have seen.

Dr Who, whom I’ve been watching since I was a nipper has, if my memory is correct NEVER been. He’s saved the Universe countless of times but never once felt the need.

In the obscure likelihood that there is someone out there, other than me, trawling through my blog monitoring these sorts of things I decided I should check myself.

1. Is there a toilet moment on the blog. Yes.
2. Does anyone eat? Yes.
3. Is love consummated? Yes.
4. Do people sleep? Yes.
5. Anybody born? Yes.
6. Anybody die? Unfortunately yes.
7. Yes, but does anyone reach middle age? Damm.
8. Does anyone use a train? Yes.
9. Fly? Ducks?
10. Are any animals NOT harmed in anyway (in the making of the blog)? Of course (they weren't).
11. Are there secrets told? Sssssshhhhh!
12. Does anyone sing? Follow the links.
13. Burp. Even i had to search!
14. Fart? Even the Queen i've heard say.
15. Is there mention of the Queen? Number 14?
16. Politics? Yes.
17. Is your sister mentioned? Lorraine?
18. The milkman? Norman?
19. Do you drink? Cheers!
20. Do you thirst? Yes!!

By the way, I ran up and down the track, through the forest in 23 minutes. I measured the distance in the car and it turns out to be 4 km.

I think a Km is 2.2 miles, hang on let me check – damm I got that ALL wrong. There I was thinking I had approached the world record for the mile in my old age and in fact I was pushing the geriatric one!

21. Used a calculator? Yes.

Now, have i missed anything?


Anonymous said...

Hmm that's amazing but actually i have a hard time understanding it... wonder how others think about this..

popps said...

I'm not sure you can call something amazing when you don't understand it.:-)

Vicki Hollett said...

Oh another profound gem from an 'anonymous reader'. Ha!

But actually Chris, I think anonymous has a point. For example, I have a hard time understanding my husband sometimes but I think he's pretty amazing.
Loved the post by the way - and all the links to treasures as well.

There are also some things people do in movies that they don't seem to do in real life, of course...

popps said...