Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Three Kings at the Door

Superstitious tradition in my own house dictates that the Christmas Tree returns to the garden today and its ornaments must once again sulk in the old suitcase at the back of the cupboard.

It was an eventful Christmas, rich in experiences – some good some bad.

In no particular order the memories include a journey fraught with difficulty and unpredictability, snow, traffic congestion from hell, Tower Bridge, a parking ticket, a long longed for reunion, a surprise, city streets at night time, another reunion, an illness, another journey, an arrival, precious friends, a Christmas moment in bed with a monkey and laughter, a trip to the hospital, a run by the beach, a feast, a trip to the hospital, Dr Who, a walk by the beach, the Indian rope trick, an oyster, music, someone else sick, a goodbye, another journey, family embrace, family conference, games, a walk along the river, The Globe, The Millennium Bridge, a taxi, another journey, waiting, dark lanes surrounded by hedges, postcard villages and Christmas lights, a place out of time and an old friend, more waiting, a return, an Indian Restaurant, midnight, a final journey, coffee and armchair, friends with pizza and another Dr Who, the cats and home.

And so that was Christmas, and what I had done, last year over and this one just beginning.

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