Monday 4 January 2010

Old beginnings and new endings

Old year, New Year, endings, beginnings.

I’m not committing any resolutions to print this year having failed so dismally to deliver on those etched in blog last year.

I have them though; I’ve already put the first into practice with spectacular success but just can’t tell you.

In a seemingly unrelated thought the Bitsnbobs 2009 Quiz of the year, which now has a stunning TWO entries (which might prompt anyone who was drunk the first time they answered to try harder) has a question about Terry Wogan.

I wouldn’t normally mention Terry Wogan in this blog as I make great efforts to avoid things Wogany but it’s all to do with endings you see.

Old year, New Year, endings, beginnings.

Terry Wogan, if you don’t know, is (or was) among other things the presenter of a BBC Radio 2 daily (morning) broadcast over the last 27 years and he decided to bow out at the end of 2009.

Now Radio 2 has a reputation of being something that is only ever listened to in my Father in law’s house and I wouldn’t normally admit to what I am about to.

Don’t tell anyone but something nostalgic in me reared and forced me to listen to his last emotional broadcast. Hence the presence of a pertaining question in the almost amazing (click here before it’s too late) Bitsnbobs Quiz of the year 2009.

Terry was not the only ending last year, obviously – but here are three from Bitsnbobs 2009.

1.The end of fog

2. The end of an era

3.The end of Michael

And here are three beginnings.

1.The beginNing.

2.The beginning of something?

3.The beginning of the end.


Janet Bianchini said...

I have just posted my entry to your challenging quiz. I enjoyed doing it!!


popps said...

And i shall now enjoy reading your answers!

popps said...


I had to go to might want to argue but it seems not to be an independent country?

You might get a bonus point though cos i really like the flag.

Janet Bianchini said...

Oops! I'm sure I saw Guam on Wikipedia's list of countries, but not to worry, if you don't think it's independent enough, that's ok!!
Glad the flag meets your approval for a bonus point..

Anne Hodgson said...

Unfortunately, once one has answered the poll, one cannot return to retake it. I'm not familiar with this particular software, but the one I use on WordPress is veeery sophisticated and can be configured, yessir. Still not drunk, to whom it may concern. Actually drinking fantastic chai, yumyum, good to ward off all sorts of things in these brrr temperatures, including resolutions.

popps said...

I don't know Janet, the full bitsnbobs advisory council will be convening later to judge the results and their decision, although final, is still open to convincing argument and bribery, but I note the Wiki site says "United States Territory".
Anne I think it’s good you are unable to redo the quiz – your first (drunken) attempt was perfect. ☺

Anne Hodgson said...

PS, Chris, I've got a quiz for you too, fun but far more geared to the masses than your highly entertaining one:

popps said...

more educational than mine though, thnx
i got 15 though one of the clicks didn't register so it gave me 14 - but guessed a few of those.
Ill send you a link to a research doc someone did to find the popular words of the year - based on frequency in digital and print form.