Wednesday 30 September 2009

Maybe the last time i dunno...

This blog has always strived, and some would say struggled, to be at the cutting edge of Blog initiatives -yes, sure i can write on it but what else can i do?

September saw the spectacular Improv challenge, legthly explained here with the seven days results here - day1, day2, day3, day4, day5, day6 and (surprisingly) day7.
If you follow these links make sure you read the comments as well, to fully understand what we went through.

There was the ambitiously imagined, but ultimately flawed, Advent Callender month of posts, that you can look at here.

And there has been the ongoing attempt to push the fronteirs of Scan Art - some examples lie here.

Oh, and there is the treasure hunt.

So what next?


I have been using Wordle to have a look at what i've been writing.

If you are new to Wordle then go to their web site.

My own world clouds, generated from the last 6 months of posts on this blog and a seventh picked at random from the previous year are littered around on this page. I removed the words - "post, posted, links, comments, some times and days of the week and my name."

What have i learnt?

1. Last year in May i wrote about someone called Cesewski - i have no recollection as to who it is.

2. This year in may i started writing about England and France, it continued through the summer, in July i concentrated on France and into September i was still wittering on about the French.

3. I missed Krissie a lot more in September.

$. I use the words ONE and TIME at least one time too many.

6. I can't count.

Wordle is deceptively easy to use and some of it's results should be handled carefully. September's wordle suggests that Vanessa vies for my attention as much as Krissie. This is clearly not true.

Vanessa is a complete fabrication of my imagination who appeared 23 times in ONLY one post, whereas Krissie appeared 24 times in ONE SENTENCE!

However, those two words - one and time - are worrying. I hadn't realised how often they slip from my keyboard.

So in the interests of straining the limits of blog usage once again i hereby announce October's challenge.

A month of posts NEVER featuring either of the two words.

So just to get it out of my system i'll finish September by saying one time, one last time.


Dave Brown said...

Hi Chris, I dip in and out of your wonderfully eclectic blog and it always amuses me.

Something else that amused me: I was following links and came across a forum where it stated that one of the Amazing Mendezies wrote the definitive story of street performance in Covent Garden and they were looking for it. Someone replied, and I quote, "I met the Mendezies in Singapore...the short round one was doing his thesis on Covent Garden".

Which one were you?, body shape of the other Mendezie was not mentioned.

ps. this is a first for me - I've never left a comment on a blog before!!!

popps said...


It may be the first time you have left a comment on a blog but mine is so much richer now that you have!

I hope you do so again, become a regular, benefit from frequent visitor status, get to win prizes in the end of year quiz even!

Now - forums.
Clearly you should never believe everything you hear/read/see in a forum.
I once met a "girl" in a forum and, well, that's another story!

assuming the Amazing Mendezies were the ones of which i was half i can assure you we never went to Singapore, have zero PHDs to our collective names and as to short and round!!!

It sounds to me like The Long and Short of It ( i think that was their name) - Olly Crick and the other one.

I think they were intelligent, not like me and Dave (both tall)