Thursday 1 October 2009

I don't care if Monday's.......(blue?)

In today’s newspaper it says…….well, actually it’s not today’s paper it’s, hang on…. I’ll go and look – it’s on the table with half a baguette, five glasses waiting to be washed up, two cassette tapes – Michael Jackson and Ry Cooder - three, no four plates waiting to join the glasses in soapy heaven, a CD – Michael Jackson again - an empty box of After Eight chocolates (Hey! Who finished them?), a half empty bottle of orange juice, a box of biscuits (opened), a box of soya milk, an almost empty bottle of Volvic, a pair of scissors, a dictionary, a graphic novel – King Kong - a hair slide, six candles (one in a bad state of melted), a torch, a few grapes, someone’s magnesium tablets, a pen shaped like a snake, a photo album, a note saying “EAT ME” pointing at the grapes, a yoghurt pot,a secret message decoder (free with Frosties) WITH secret message that i can't tell you, a dish of the summer garden’s last tomatoes, a colander, now my laptop AND – a cat (black).

It’s a normal sized table, it’s just that the family who sit around it are genetically programmed to be compulsively messy.

In fact it’s not even OUR table, it was loaned to us, god knows why – we already had two– by our neighbour Martin who is a serial house renovator; no sooner does he finish it, he sells and starts again with a complete ruin that was next door.

I think initially the loan was for two years - until he finished the sitting room – but since this was almost a decade ago now and considering the rate at which our respective short term memories are degrading, it is questionable whether either of us will remember where it belongs.

Where was i?

Ah! Yes! The paper!

Hang on….

It’s dated the 4th of September, but being as it’s a weekly edition the news item that I am about to quote could date from the day Martin lent us the table, whenever that was.

Anyway, it claims that Monday is NOT the most miserable day of the week, as many had assumed, but in fact mightily merry compared to Wednesday, which apparently is.

This conclusion was reached, it seems, by studying blogs and twitters for their language content.

And not just a few!

The researches, in Vermont, studied 2.5 million ‘posts’ and ‘twoasts,’ looking for words with “meaningful emotional content” like love (good) or trauma (bad). The article also states that they looked at abstract words like pancake.

I’m not sure what is abstract about a pancake.

The flour, egg, butter and milk content looks pretty solid to me, and whenever I go to Toulouse I try to create the opportunity to eat at least…….well, it LOOKS like a pancake.

So I decided - anything to avoid clearing up the kitchen and starting the washing up – to check my own posts and find out if I am in fact happier on a Monday or a Wednesday.

So, like yesterday, back to Wordle and cut and paste September’s Mondays – here…….

And compare them with September’s Wednesdays here……….

Well I am sorry, good people of the advanced computing centre at the University of Vermont; i just don't think it's that conclusive.

Obviously i really like the way Kriisie dominates my Monday's, especially the way love is tucked in between the k and the r, and i readily see words like Brave, new and Yes! Friends is significant too and the word Well. So , pretty positive my Monday with only 'difficult' and a very small 'afraid' interfering.

But let's look at Wednesday. Krissie is there again (hooray) though smaller (booh), but the words that stand out don't seem so bad - Last, Days, Film. Well is represented again, even the word perfect. Friend has lost its s, so that's a bit sad but love perseveres.

Ah, look, Unable and ANTi-(viral)!!!!

But........ it's not clear is it?

Nor is my kitchen table, but when it is, then, i'll be very, very happy.


Anne Hodgson said...

I like how the weekend wafts into Monday postings. Perhaps Monday's misery is just relative to the joys of Sunday.

popps said...

So Anne.... what are you doing this weekend?! :-))