Wednesday 20 May 2009

Treasure Hunt

My aunt, who must be about 130, spoke to me yesterday about the assassination of President Kennedy, obviously the event was still fresh in her mind.

I had intended to include it in my list of events that have personally marked me but at the last moment edited it out as although I can remember seeing the event on television I have no memory of where I was or what I was doing.

Ivy filled me in, as apparently I was watching it at her house.

More importantly she reminded me, or perhaps enlightened me – I have no memory of it - that she had once given me a piece of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The sacred slither had fallen during Second World War bombing raids on London, and had been collected by my aunt as she emerged from the air raid shelter.

Today I would cherish it as a holy relic, treasure to be given pride and place on my mantelpiece – if I had a mantelpiece, but alas not only the memory of her gift has been lost but the gift itself.

I do have a piece of the Berlin Wall, hacked off with my own hands but it looks like I imagine the piece of St Paul’s did – a lump of concrete. Show this to a visitor and they are extremely unimpressed.

Although my aunt, St Paul’s Cathedral and my lump of Communist Bloc date from different times they are each, in their own way, treasure.

And what is a blog if it doesn’t have a good TREASURE HUNT?

I don’t know if it’s a first but this page is the gateway to the bitsnbobsshowntell treasure hunt. It starts here and lies within these pages and PHOTOS and COMMENTS.

You will need to think laterally, ENLARGE PHOTOS to find hidden detail and decipher whatever I have ciphered.

I’ll place the first clue here once I know what it is.


popps said...

clue number two.
Take the larger remove the smaller and consider the result your date.

Anonymous said...

more clues please

popps said...

Dear anonymous, read the instructions, do ALL the things it suggests, and when you solve this first PUZZLE and have a date remember i am English.

carol said...

Oh help, this is making me panic... at my extraordinary lack of manouverablity around your lovely blog, my inordinate stupidity at not knowing where to start and the fact that it is a beautiful sunny day and only sadpeople with aching backs and no friends are stuck in front of their lap tops sending messages that do not send....

popps said...

Calm down carol, you're doing brilliantly.
You found the starting point - all you need now is to wait for the storms then follow the LINKS.