Friday 22 May 2009

Scan Art

Ping Pong Balls!

What else can you do with your scanner?

1. Scan your head.

2. Experiment with shadow.

3. Show off your bottle top collection.

4. Photograph nature.

5. Create SCAN ART.(might be better to click on the image to enlarge them)


Dave said...

I did see a while ago an article about putting a glass fish tank on a scanner and scanning fish and other wet things. I think it might do nasty things to the fish but then, you could probably still eat them.

popps said...

Hi Dave, i would like to see that article if you know where it is?
As far as fish i don;t know but i did scan my head - there,s a link somewhere - and as far as i can tell i have suffered no as far as i can tell i have suffered no.