Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wikipedia Toads

The Wikipedia entry on toads is disappointing for someone NEEDING information, inspirational for someone looking to ADD information.

I need it.

The “swimming pool” (a plastic tub full of last year’s water and leaves, and some of this year’s) has become home to a solitary toad that sings (or croaks or grunts) each night shortly after sundown outside our open bedroom window.

Wikipedia failed to help me identify the swimmer as a toad; the exact nature of its webbed feet was confirmed elsewhere on the all-powerful World Wide Web and its nocturnal habits.

I like falling asleep to the sound of the toad (or the owl or the deer) and I enjoy waking to early bird song but I am worried about two things.

1. The nearest female must be a week’s hop away and the mating season is advancing rapidly.

2. I need to drain the swimming pond and start splashing myself as the weather is heating up almost as quickly.

When I approach the pond at night the toad submerges, during the day it seems to be elsewhere.

Any suggestions?

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