Sunday, 30 November 2008

Comes back to haunt you!

Last day of November, tomorrow the last month of the year and i found these puzzles in the paper, yesterday's, that i bought at the market today. Some are toooo mathematical, but TWO (of these puzzles) i like.

I was born in Orpington and lived at number 17 for the first 10 years of life, then moved to number 4 and NORMALLY i don't like Cracker Barrel Chedhar.

There's a clue there.

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popps said...

so, in the newspaper there are TWO questions i like.
One of them has a link with the second of the two puzzles you will find here -
So the question from the newspaper that you need is the other one.
And the one you need is suggested in th etext.
And you need to be able to manipulate the answer in a way that is explained in the commenys of the original treasure hunt post.

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