Tuesday 30 August 2022

Every Cloud.

The people living by the river are worried; it hasn't rained for several months and they can no longer hear the sound of rushing water.


At night they gather on the bridge and look into the quiet dark depths, during the day they try to shade the fish who are suffering even more: shelters have been awkwardly built from branches and mud, neither of which are any good though is the best the river folk can do.


Construction is not their metier.


Singing is, but they do not feel like singing.


It is too dry.






Some folk say that this is only the beginning, that tomorrow will be worse, others say things couldn’t be worse.


But it could.


It will not rain this month or next, some already know this for a fact and have moved away.


To the mountains.


They hope to find at least clouds there.


Clouds with a silver lining.


London Joe said...

Hi (and dry) from Joe G
we are by Lake Como. Usually, there are streams cascading down. Most of the small ones are dry, some have a trickle. There have been storms at night over the last five days. Hope that you are all doing well.

popps said...

Hi Joe, good to hear from you... but no water here either.
Try Scotland?