Thursday 8 September 2022

September 8 1985

He said; who’s singing?

She said, It’s Van Morrison

He said; It’s nice.

She laughed.

He said, how do you like your eggs?

She said; I don’t like eggs.

He said; oh, I didn’t know that.

She said, there are a lot of things you don’t know.

He laughed.

She said: it’s important the first thing you put into your mouth each day.

He said; what was it yesterday?

She said; a peach.

He said; shall we go out and find some peaches?

She said; what have you got there?

He said; eggs, bread, coffee, orange juice.

She said; is the orange juice fresh?

He said; it’s fresh from this carton.

She said; then it’s not fresh is it?

He said; I’m learning.

She said; I think you have a lot to learn.

He said; who’s that singing now?

She laughed; it’s Van Morrison.

He laughed.

She said; what would you like t do now?

He didn’t answer.

She said; give me your hand.

He said; which one?

She laughed.

He said, that tickles.

She said; have I told you about the time we were all tickled?

He said; there’s a lot to tell.

She said; we have time.

He said; Time is The Simplest Thing.

She said; why the capitals?

He said it’s the title of a book I read once.

She said; would you read it to me?

He said, he would.

He did.

She said; thank you.

He said; are you stil hungry?

She said; haven’t we eaten?

He said; I don’t remember.

She said, what time is it?

He said; the sun is on the London Plane tree across the square.

She said, it’s not a London Plane tree, we have those in Spain too.

He said; my mother told me they were called London Plane trees.

She said; what was your mother like?

He said, she could run fast, as fast as me , I was surprised.

She said; surprise is good, it means you are ready.

He said; ready for what?

She said; you have a lot of questions.

He said; I want to know everything, I want to sit here and say all the things that we don’t usually dare to say.

She said: that’s not a good idea.

He said; so there are no surprises.

She said; surprises are good.

He said; and who’s singing now?

She said; guess.

He said; do you have a sister?

She said; no .

He said ; a brother?

She said; no.

He said; oh.

She said; can you hear the ocean? Close your eyes and listen.

He said; turn of the radio.

She said ok.

He said; I can hear the cars.

She said; listen beyond the cars.

He said ; I can’t.

She said: try.

He said: do you think you can do anything you want?

She said; yes. Listen.

He said; I hear something.

She said let’s go and swim.

He said; I have no swimming costume.

She said; we don’t need one.

He said where are the keys?

She said; in the oven.

He said why in the oven?

She said, it’s a good place to keep the keys, you will never forget.

He said; are you forgetful?

She said; what?

And laughed.

He said; I like the sound of your laughter.

She laughed. Let’s go, before the sun sets.

He said; we have all day.

She said; we only have this moment.

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