Sunday 26 December 2021

Passing High SpeedTrains.

And so this is Christmas…


Well, yesterday certainly, sort of today.


What have you done?......


Not a lot if I’m honest.


Another year over………..


Tell me about it! They pass like high speed trains.


I like trains.


A New One Just Begun……….


Well, about to.  


New Year Resolution- take a train somewhere interesting. 




So this is Christmas…..


Yep, done that.


I hope you have fun.


I do. Especially, but not exclusively, when you are here visiting this blog. I try my best.


The near and the deer one…..


If you are here, you are near and dear even if I don’t know you – it’s that kind of place.


The old and the young.


I’m old, I felt it this morning – in the back, in the knee, in the eye. Struggling up the hill next to my gazelle of a daughter. Through the forest we saw the signs of spring even though I myself was hardly springing.


A merry, merry Christmas,
And a happy New Year,
Let' s hope it' s a good one,
Without any fear.


That’ll do.

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