Thursday 23 December 2021

A Papaya, a Lemon and two Onions.

Harry has just finished his afternoon yoga session. He feels relaxed, calm – it’s not the same thing – and blessed. He is still uncertain about his gender, but this will pass in time.


Eddy has been cutting and splitting wood. He has used a chain saw, an axe and a wheel barrow, all of which remain in different parts of the garden. He will remember them later in the evening  and probably have to get out of bed to return and store them in the wooden shed next to the swimming pool.


Terry is watching the birds on the feeding table and thinking about his wife. He misses her. The birds are entertainment, but only a distraction until she returns and life picks up again. For now, he is waiting.


‘Eddy doesn’t like it’. Harry is speaking.


Terry looks at the painting which is still wrapped in bubble wrap. The bubbles are unable to contain the colours that are struggling passionately to be free.


‘Is it an original?’ Terry is looking at the signature in the bottom right corner where Harry has peeled back the protective plastic.


‘A limited print, I think it’s numbered’. 

Eddy scoffs.


To scoff. It’s an unusual verb Terry is thinking, not one that we use very often, but he is certain that Eddy just did.


‘If you don’t want it, I would be happy to receive it as my birthday present. It’s soon.’ Terry adds this almost as an afterthought.


‘Harry will kill me’.


Are they a couple? Thinks Terry. It is not the first time he has thought this thought, but today the thought hangs around the un-unwrapped print/painting like a cloud. A cloud of questions.


‘What fruit do you think these are?’ Harry is pointing at the basket on the table at the bottom of the image.


‘Papaya, certainly a papaya’, Terry does not hesitate. ‘A lemon and two onions.’


‘Onions aren’t fruit’. Eddy scoffs again. Two scoffs in less than that minutes. It’s not a record, but Terry is impressed.


‘Are you feeling grumpy’ he asks.


‘I need a coffee’, Eddy offers this in way of explanation and shuffles off to the kitchen. 


Scoffing. Shuffling off. I bet his shrugging now too, thinks Terry.

‘It’s beautiful’ he tells Harry. He would add that Harry is beautiful too, but until Harry makes a decision about her gender and sexuality, Terry is not going to make a move.


A limited edition signed bowl of coloured fruit is enough surprise for one day.


Editor’s note – most of this, like much of the preceding blog, is fiction. Take it or leave it, that’s what I’d do.




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