Friday 1 January 2021

NEW (Happy?) - on the left, OLD (Sad?) - on the right.


Blue. Last year. Orange, yellow, black green and a thin dark blue.

A thin dark blue?

Yes, not the same blu…….. oh hello. It’s you!

It’s me! 

Well I’ll be….


No, no, I’ll be……


Is that a word?

Probably not but it is now.

I’ll be that then. Where have you been?


It’s a fine place.

Almost as good as Elsewhere.

NOWHERE is better than ELSEWHERE.

It’s a debatable point, but what were you doing just then.

Blue, orange yellow etc?

Yes. Colouring?

Listing the borders here on the blogposts of the last 6 years.

Well worthy of a posting, i must say.

It certainly is! Do you realise that before that this blog had posts with no borders!

It had escaped me, I bet the readers were outraged.

Reader – no S.

How is she?

She sends her love.

I doubt that, the last time  we spoke she said she wouldn’t trust me at the length of fifteen barge poles.

Canadian ones.

Are they longer?

Probably. Everything is longer in Canada, they have even woken up yet.

So…. Why were you listing the clours of the border posts?

I thought we should change them, it’s the New year.

Happy New year then!

Happy New year to you too.

It’s just me.

And Mary perhaps.

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