Monday, 14 December 2020

The 2020 Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 14

You know what?


I found this in the box and was about to post it when I thought….

Hang on, you’ve posted it.

I know but wait…. Where was i?


Yes! I thought – we must have had this before in a Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy, surely.

My names not Shirley. And it’s Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy, not a Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy.

We agree that it’s a Thingy, surely?

Shirley not, Thingy ok.



I couldn’t find it.

That’s why you’ve posted it here then. I’m glad you cleared that up for us, the readers will be reassured

The reader, no s.

Fair enough.

But hang on, there's more. As I was searching I came across the playlist for the Thingy of 2011.

The olden days.

And it has 32 parts.


Is this year’s going to have 32 parts?

I seriously doubt it.

How many parts will it have then?

I have no idea, hang on, one, two….. five…….ten…. thirteen…… ten plus thirteen……, er….

Twenty three?

Not enough. There has to be at least 24, or 25.


One or the other.


Can I get back to you on….. hang on…… it should be you.




You. It should be you.

Should be me what?

It should be you answering this question, you have the boxes, you rang me , remember.

Oh yes.

It’s Your Thingy! 

Surely you said it was The Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy.

Not Shirley.

part 13

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