Saturday, 14 November 2020

HIM again.

Here/Nov 2020

 Drrrrrrring……. Drrrrrrrrrinnnnnnng….





Stumble, crash ….wha?


Who, what, who would ring at this time….?

Drrrrrinnnnngggg… Click…

Hello? If that’s you Bob I’ll put you in a box!





Wha the f…..?

Nice to speak to you tooJ

Where have you been. It’s been yonks*


Of course, good choice.

Why don’t you pop over?

I’d love too but I’m confirmed.

You mean confined?

Yeah, yes, that. .........I’m confirmed too….. but that’s another story.


Define religious.

Another time maybe, now not's not the moment.

It’s 3am, that’s the moment! Why are you ringing?

It’s this Niagara Girl.

Oh yeah?

I wrote a song for her.

You did?

I did – can I sing it?

I have a feeling you are going to whatever I say.

I wanna live with a Niagara Girl

I could be happy, the rest of my life

With a Niagara Girl

A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night

You can see us together, chasing the moonlight

There’s a curfew…..

My Niagara Girl.

When you say you ‘wrote’ this……

Ten silver saxes, a bass with a bow

The drummer relaxes and waits between shows

The theatres are closed…

For his Niagara Girl.

You just went on to Google and copied out Neil’s lyrics!

I adapted them!

You changed ONE word.

Whatever – tell her I miss her.

You tell her.

I gotta go.

Ok, see you?

Not if I see you first.

Take care.

You too, bye.

Wait, when…….?


*a long time


Niagara Girl said...

Yes, that's right...

... see us together, chasing the moonlight ...

Middle of the night here - mid-morning for HIM. Never can sleep anymore.

Thanks to HIM for the CanCon [Canadian content]. Neil could always write a beautiful lyric.

Anyway, I look forward to not only chasing the moonlight but dancing in it.

... When that moon gets so big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight ...

Though no moonlight tonight because it's pouring out and even if it weren't, it's a new moon/no moon.

Must try now to get a bit more sleep.

Sweet dreams.
N-G xo

popps said...

whatever gets you through the night, it's all right, it's all right.....

London Joe said...

good mischief

popps said...

Miss Chief, someone else, i must write about her............