Sunday 20 September 2020

Chuck Feeney Rocks!

Pickled egg by Kayak, projection by me 2019/20

I’m thinking about Chuck, 

I’m thinking about my legs and I’m thinking about walnuts. 

I’m thinking about the rain that is coming; I can feel it, smell it and now I can hear it. 

And I’m thinking about cows; there are some on the hill opposite. 

The walnuts are in my pocket; I was just given them by a tree at the foot of the slope. 

It was the slope that did it for my legs. 

Another cyclist in the village, younger and livelier than i, told me the gradient of the slope. I don’t remember the figure but it was tour-de-France impressive. 

I’m thinking about the thermos of tea Krissie is bringing with her in a personalised rescue package that includes space in the car for me and my bike. 

Especially my legs. 

Which leaves us with Chuck. 

Chuck helps people 
Chuck is my sort of person. 
Chuck rocks. 

Spread the word.

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