Wednesday 2 September 2020

A Rabbit and a cabbage.

Here/August 2020

 Ddddrrrrrring, ddddrrrrrinnnng, drrri…..

Hi Bob.

Wow- how did you know it was me?

The Scottish accent?

I hadn’t said anything!

The phone Bob, you’re the only one who has this number.

The BitsnBobs number?

Exactly, so you have to be Bitsnbob’s Bob.

I am!

What are you doing?

I’m in the bath.



Then you must be Bobbing Bitsnbob’s Bob.

I am!

Why are you in the bath?

I was out last night at a party.




I’m The Bobbing bopping Botsnbob’s Bob!

What’s that you’re holding?

A bobbin.

The Bopping Bobbing Bitsnbob’s Bob with a bobbin!

I’m drinking too.

Bobbins Ale?

The local brew.

Bopping and bobbing Bitsnbob’s Bob with a bobbin and a Bobbings!


That’s probably as far as we can go with this.

Probably, oh, wait…. Hang on. 

What are you doing?

Looking in my pocket… yes!

What is it?

A pre-decimal shilling.

A bob?


A Bopping and a-bobbing Bitsnbob’s Bob with a bobbin and a Bobbins and a bob !

The only one!

So, what’s up a-bopping and a-bobbing Bitsnbob’s bob with a bobbing and a Bobbins and a bob?

Bob, just call me Bob.

Ok, what’s up Bob, just call me bob.

No, Bob, don’t say the just call me bob bit.

Ok… what’s up Bob -don’t-say –the-just-call-me-bob-bit with a Bobbins, a bobbin and bit of a bob in his pocket.

What’s got into you?

What’s got into me? You’re the one that called.

Yeah, anyway – it’s these boxes.


I’m surrounded by them.

An archivist should be.

I know, but i woke up this morning and my head was full of words – do you think they could be seeping out of the boxes into my dreams.

Mmm, it could be… What were the words about?

A Rabbit.

A Rabbit?

A rabbit. And a cabbage.

Did you write them down?

Of course.

Let me hear them.

A defining habit of the rabbit

Is its overconsumption of cabbage.

If they need to travel

They are certain to carry   

A lot of green things in their baggage.

I don’t think they are from the boxes. Can we publish it?

Sure, just give me a credit – the name’s Bob.

Sure thanks for ringing – stay clear.

You too.



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