Saturday, 16 May 2020

Confinement 18

sketchbook/april 2020



That’s the first word that popped into me as I wrote ‘R’ – which is weird, because I was expecting it to be Rub-a-dub-dub.

Dix-huitième lettre de l’alphabet et la quatorzième des consonnes.

Then my dictionary – the one that is informing these posts – goes on to say that it’s the usual notation for all of the real numbers.

Yesterday, Q, had a connection with rational numbers.



I realise I don’t know which is which or what.

I think I’m fairly rational.

And I think I’m relatively real.

I just don’t think the world is either anymore.

If it ever was.

Besides it says 18 up the top; in fact it's 59 today.

Symbole du rontgen.


I know where I stand with that.


Mary said...

Self Portrait?

Must be.

Well done.


popps said...

Must Be?

That or random scary monster haunting my bad dreams !!

There have been six or seven subsequently in various degrees of derangement - i don't think i'm getting any better!