Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Confinement 6

sketchbook/march 2020




Ok, I get the noun bit, but masculine?

I haven’t looked ahead yet but I get the feeling all these letters are going to be classified masculine.


At least some of them should be feminine surely? A part, a share, a large percentage?


Depends if we take a binary approach or not.

But F?

It’s not masculine in my book.

I’m not sure that e is either, but I’m certain that F isn’t.

Kayak – she’s feminine, one of two in this confinement.

This morning she was listening to the radio, she asked me if I minded. 

I didn’t.

The programme was about witches or about folk that see themselves as witches.

I wonder if she does?

It’s not her real name by the way, but her real name seems to be difficult for most people to pronounce.

Fitting for a witch.

Sixième lettre de l’alphbet. 

I pronounce it differently each time I say it; covering bases I guess.

La quatrième….

I feel I have to try and get it right.

Just in case she turns out to be my daughter-in-law one day.

Officially that is.

Le f est une fricative soured.

A fricative sounds like something you could eat, or that Kayak may have cooked; she’s a good cook.

Good eater too!

I’ve never met anyone so small and petite able to eat so much.

Symboel de franc– I remember those – symbole de forad– I don’t know what that is…. Oh, hang on… 

I’ve got a dictionary!

F, Fa,…. Farad…….. ok, electricity.

Symbole du degré Fahrenheit.

I remember those too!

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