Tuesday, 5 March 2019

memories, Desires and Dreams.

...everywhere, she's a .......

I write this blog – you know that, look!

There it is.

Bits and Bobs all over the place!  Down through the days and months and years.




Crazy thoughts.

There’s been this and that, that and this and stuff in between.


Who knows?


But I try to give it form.

For a while it was ‘as it were’, then it took on a challenge and became ‘every day’ , then it became something that had to change.

So I let it drift naturally.

The undoing has taken time.

Then I gave it a rigid shape; once a week.; just to say I could, just so the drifting was nothing more than that.

But now?

I want it to be natural, but I am scared that it won’t.

So I do this – one year is set, and I see what the next will bring.

So far – 2018 – this would be number 9.

Nine posts and it is Feb 10 - week 7 of the year.

More than one a week.

But less than everyday.

I know I can pad them out, but do I want to?

I’ll find out sometime in 2019.

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