Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Royal Family in a field in Sussex.

Some sweet day........

I need to write this down now; I don’t want to forget it and I am scared that I will, and if I drink anymore wine I probably won’t be able to.

Remember, or write.

It was a long time ago; I don’t remember the date but someone in the Royal Family had done something and there were street parties organised around the nation.

I was in a field in Sussex and i couldn’t give a shit about the Royal Family.

I was with my girlfriend; she was French and the Royal family meant nothing to her either.

We were only interested in each other.

It was a summer’s eve, night had fallen and what ever we had needed to do had been done and we had enjoyed doing it.

We were sitting in a field; I think there were haystacks and we were settled there, later we would sleep in the van.

I don’t think there was drink, there may have been something else but all I remember is her, the stars and the sounds of a summer’s eve. 

It was a first time and an only time.

It’s a time that now only exists in memory alone and it’s a memory that can no longer be shared.

This is why I have to write it down.

The memory is probably only mine.

And I can no longer ask if it is part of hers.

What would I give to go back there once again?

Like this, I can.

 formerly published in The Archives.

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