Monday 5 March 2018

Round 10

(missing from ALL early editions - sorry, the Ed.)

You probably haven’t realised – in which case you are really lucky that I am here to point it out – that if you type/paste the words ‘best thing on this blog’ into the search function over there on the left, you will get taken to what I can only imagine is a total random selection of previous postings here on Bitsnbobs.

The blog with a past.

A past that the editorial staff occasionally look back into.

Yes the blog has an editorial staff too.

It also has a waste paper basket, three cats and a cricket ball - but that’s another story.

Which we will come to quite soon.

It starts here; last year a few nearest and dearests asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I answered – in all seriousness – a cricket ball.

There were three nearest and dearests involved.

They were NOT the cats.

Though my cats are near, and certainly dear.

And talking of cats – where I live, here, they sell a packet of cat granules that claims to possibly contain a JUMBO granule that if I find will win me 10, 000 euro.

I could do with 10, 000 euro.

So over the last 20 years or so I have spent about 10, 000 euro buying the stuff and hoping to find the JUMBO granule.

I haven’t.

I am assuming that JUMBO means so jumbo that a cat won’t eat it by mistake when I’m not looking.

Because sometimes they get to the packet before I do.

And they wouldn’t mention it.

We don’t communicate in that way.


So they don’t ask me what I want for Christmas and I don’t tell them.

Anyway – to recap – three nearest and dearest asked.

And i told them.

How many Cricket Balls do you think I received?

Correct – none.

So I went to London.

Not specifically for this, but to watch my daughter graduate.

And I ended up in Portobello market.

Not, I should add, because she graduated in the market – though that would have saved me a few bob*.

*Bob – old money. Five shillings.

The university CHARGED parents – who had hocked live and soul to help their children go to the place – to watch the ceremony.

Luckily I was able to organise the trip to coincide with a free Friday – the best day in the market, so, one day, I ended up alone in the market.

With a few left over bob in my pocket.

By the way – I had a friend, since lost touch with – called Bob.

Nothing to do with shillings.

He played cricket.

Anyway – in the market – Portobello – Friday – I saw a cricket ball sitting on a stall that was selling vintage cigarette cards, original vinyl and circus posters.

Portobello Market is good for this.

And cricket balls.

“How much do you want for the cricket ball?.”

“I was thinking of five pounds.”

“I was thinking of three.”


The market is good for this too.

Another year I anticipated that a nearest and dearest, only one, would ask me what I wanted for Christmas so I posted this.

A few weeks later she told me that she had read this.

You will, if you followed those two links, realise that ‘posted this’ and ‘had read this’ are the same place.

So she read that.

(that = posted this+this)

She said that she liked this/posted this/that, and I thought  - good.

She knows what I want for Christmas.

A few weeks later after this/that/posted this, she asked;

“What would you like for Christmas?”

“I thought you read this/that/posted this?”

“I did.”


I’m off to Portobello Market.


Mary said...

Where did my comment go?

popps said...

This one is here, was there another?
It could be an unanswerable mystery.
Or a mysterious unanswerable.
Or a glitch.

Mary said...

Yes - I simply said that Round 10 was a '10'. Made me laugh out loud! Mx

popps said...

Ah Mary - perhaps your patience has been rewarded - unless it's a 10 out of 350.
You may or may not be interested in part of these - the middle of the earlier and the end of the later.
Though of course you can listen to the entirety too.

Mary said...

I did read the message about the radio programs and tried to listen to them but had some difficulty. I am going to re-try on another newer computer. You weren't specific about what the middle and end are about so cannot comment at present.

I have to say I love listening to the radio when I'm working, or driving, or while enjoying a beautiful summer's day, or snuggled up with a book on a cold snowy evening. There is something about it that is magical.


me said...

Radio is the BESTEST.
These are in French but The one of january goes into English at the 21.49 point
and the one of February at the 32.00 minute point
and that is what i was hoping to share
it's a surprise!
here's the link - again probably - just scroll down to the podcasts.