Monday 26 February 2018

Round 9.


(missing from some earlier editions - the ed)

This road is long, longer than any he’s driven recently and darker – it’s already night, everyone is asleep and he’s thinking of her.


She comes with the night, when the missing is strongest.

The bright light of day will distract him, but tonight the quarter moon hangs in the west over his shoulder.

He knows she can see it, that if she stands outside and stands in her courtyard and looks up she will see it too.

Perhaps she sees the other side, it would explain a lot.

As he drives, the moon is slowly sinking; this just makes everything more intense.

Soon she will be asleep but he must drive on.

Questions; unanswered but unasked as well.

They have no place, except maybe in that sinking moon.

There will be calm with the dawn, but the moon will rise again.

The next time it will be fuller.

But that is a long time hence.

The night is long.

Time is long.

This road is long.

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