Friday, 1 December 2017

The Precedent in The Bitsnbob's Musical christmas advent Calendar Thingy 2017.

Let's begin here.

You mean - kick off the whole Bitsnbob's Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy 2017 right here, right now with this?

Why not? It's perfect.

It's september.

I know, but i just stumbled upon it!


I'm having a lie in, reading, listening to Youtube which is automatically refreshing itself and this ditty came on! I thought - that's Christmassy, how have we not included this before?

It might set a precedent.

How so?

We don't usually get 'christmassy' in the Thingy until much later, the first of December has most of us thinking about other things other than Yuletide.

Let's set a precedent!


Mary said...

Hello - anybody there? Is this thing working? Left a comment on Dec. 1 but not showing. And speaking of Thingy's, where is Dec. 2? How can we begin to feel in the Yule spirit without BNB'sCACT-y? How many more ?'s can I ask before I will seem petty and demanding? OK - I get it. BE GRATEFUL ... ALWAYS! sorry ;-)


popps said...

YES! I'm here, he's here we all here!!
You too!
Just snow underfed!