Monday, 27 November 2017

The Mute Mue.

down the road; top of the hill/yesterday

Did you notice that?

Yep, no sooner had we said ‘been quiet, no one rang’ then ping!

A letter in the in-box!


Quite contrary?

Not at all, she wondered where we were.

Do we know?

Not really, but it was nice that she asked.

By the way, have you noticed how although our frequency of posting has dropped the statistics that show the number of visitors have tripled?

Maybe Mary keeps popping in going – yooo hooo, anyone home.

Could be.

It could be that finally we are appreciated?

I doubt it.

Talking of which, I’ve noticed something else.

You have?

Aye, The Mue has a Front step.


It’s here.


But then it becomes the corridor or the courtyard or the shelf over the stairs depending on where it goes.

You got it.

So if you show us something that has been donated to The Mue, it will appear right here on the front step and whilst you are standing there you will explain where it’s going to go and then the next time we look it will be gone and there, where you said it would.

That’s it.

You could have explained that earlier.

I could have.

But you didn’t.

I was Mute.

That was a pun?

It was. I’m getting ready for Christmas Cracker time.

I have one! How do Monkeys make toast?

I don’t know, how do Monkeys make toast?

They put it under the g(o)rilla!

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