Monday, 9 October 2017

Potential Patrick.

Barcelona/a week ago-ish

Did you know that if you clear the piles and piles of papers on this desk you get to a piece of paper right at the bottom that says ‘well done’?

I didn’t know that.

It’s actually fixed to the surface of the desk with a domineering glue, it’s meant as an encouragement.

What prompted you to clear the desk this time?

I have a new screen for the computer and I need to install it. I needed space.

Go ahead, install.

Install, install, connect, install, switch on. There you go!

Hey, look! It’s Mack!

And look here, a story slightly started.

What does it say?

When he was 51 years old and whilst his wife and two children were sleeping, Patrick O’Malley was visited by a benign but radiant spirit who made the following offer;

Who is Patrick O’Malley?

He looks like the hero of the piece.

What was the offer?

“Would you like to go back to the time before you were a parent and live your life again?”

Tempting offer, where did this take place?

Patrick was in the garage at the time considering suicide, so the offer seemed both timely and plausible, particularly since the aforementioned apparition was hovering a meter above the bonnet of his car surrounded by an incandescent halo of piercing blue light.

Suicide? Does this have a happy ending?

It doesn’t have an ending, it’s just a fragment of a beginning I think.

Is there more?

“I can make it happen”, continued the vision. The voice was soft yet confident and made Patrick think of waves on a distant shore. He got out of the car and turned off the engine, looked around to see if there were any witnesses and replied; “Can we go outside and discuss this?”

This Patrick is a very practical man.

It actually says that in the text, I just edited it.

You are editing this as you transcribe it?

A bit.


It might have potential.

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