Saturday 7 October 2017

Clearing up the shit.

barcelona/last week

You know, back there on Wednesday, you said – ‘you know what the French say’.


Well, you never told us WHAT they say.

Look, if I am going to have to go back and fill in ALL the gaps on this blog we’ll be here forever.

Aren’t we?

Hmm, much as though most days I think I’m indestructible logic tells me that our time may be limited.

All the more important we fill in the gaps.

When you say ‘we’ you mean me, don’t you? You’re just going to sit there and pick holes.

It is, you can go inside, sit or lie down and if you’re three or four years old have a good giggle.

Have you?


Lain or sat.

I stepped in, I stepped out – I felt that I should have removed my shoes.

So – what DO the French say?

Well – as I tried to make clear before – they say a lot of things but at the moment of which you talk I was alluding to their explanation of why their national symbol is a cockerel.


Because it’s the only animal that sings when it’s in the middle of the shit.

Thank you for clearing that up.

You’re welcome.

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