Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wholly of holy.

the garden/two weeks ago

That was a weird day.

Among weird ones, eh?

It started with the dream.

Yes! What was he up to?

He was hoarding oxygen and intending to become very wealthy as a consequence.

What was he doing on the phone?

Difficult to say in words, it all made sense in the dream.

He was limiting someone’s supply, playing with them, taunting them.

He thought he was, but in fact the guy at the other end was pretending, he was syphoning off the first guy’s supply secretly whilst sounding as if he was gasping. It was the perfect crime.

Because the first guy would never know?

Yeah, and the financial balance shifted.

The second guy was clever.

He had his own source.

I guess. So, what happened at the petrol station?

I don’t know, my mind was empty.


Nothing was there; I was staring across an open space where only tumble weed and dust was swirling.

There should have been some numbers.

Something, there should have been something, but there was just absence. It was weird.

Like someone had slipped in and removed it?

Inception? Sort of. The void was frightening.

Makes you realise how easy it is, you wake up one day and you don’t know who you are anymore.

Or where you are.

Or what.

Or why.

Has it happened before?

Once, after a long holiday but this was different. It was just gone. Never to come back. I stared at the numbers on the key pad and they were just random numbers. I blame the Pope.

The Pope?

No, not really. It’s an expression, but someone lent me their bankcard a couple of days ago and took a special moment to show me their code on their phone key pad. It wiped my brain clear of all other known codes.

You can remember theirs?

Of course! Crystal clear! But mine?

This was a disaster.

It was, the petrol tank was on reserve, hundreds of Km to go and no way home.

And no chocolate!

Then I got to work, to be stranded and I was two hours early.

2 hours! How did that happen?


Always damaging.

Can be.

Did things improve?

Sunset was glorious over the river; I had a good run, and a bike ride.

Today’s a new day.

Praise the Lord.

The Lord’s name…

Be Praised.

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