Thursday 3 August 2017

Seventh Seven.

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Do you know Jack White?

A Jack Black, or THE Jack White?

Is there a THE Jack White.

There is.

I didn’t know that.

It’s lucky that I’m here then; he lives in Nashville and among many other things has one of the only surviving and operating voice-o-graph recording booths is his music shop/studio/lair.

Oh, well, no, I was referring to A Jack White. The one you can read about here next year.

That was a future link wasn’t it?

It was!

They still exist then.

They’re not a big part of the blog but we’ve kept their occasional functionality.

Remind our readers.

A future link is a link you can click on that links to a future post. As long as the editorial staff get their collective act together one day you can click on the link above and it will take you to a post that hasn’t been posted yet.

That was a back link wasn’t it, I can click on that and it will take me into the past.

Time travel, everything is possible on this blog.

Talking of time travel; what about A Jack White?

His sister Elouisa is having her birthday today.

How old will she be?


It’s a great age, is she celebrating?

You bet! First she’s going shopping with her mum.

How cool is that?

Then she’s having some friends round and they are all going to sleep in the tent that her mum has put up in the garden.

Wicked! They won’t sleep till way past midnight AND they’ll have a midnight feast!!

I wish!

Me too!

Seven again!

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