Saturday 8 July 2017

The Beast.

the gallery/last tuesday

Back already?

From the bike ride?

Clearly, I was linking to the end of the previous post.

Even though it was over twenty-four hours ago and obviously not recent?

Literary licence, by the way – I liked how you avoided repeating ‘clearly’ just then.

And I, your potential stumbling block of ‘the way’ just then.

You noticed?

I’m the editor; it’s my job.

Talking of jobs, do you think anyone reads this blog?

I seriously doubt it, Mary did but she seems to be on a very long holiday, most other people drop in once go – bof – and never come back. except Guiseppe who makes an annual pilgrimage in much the same manner that some might mecca.

Mecca as a verb, nice innovation; is it regular?

Yes, but there‘s a spelling change in the present participle.


That’s it.

Probably enough to make it irregular.

This finely illustrates what people are missing, in not reading the blog regularly - little gems of nothing that could change their lives for never. When are you going to ask me about the bike ride?

How was the ride?

Fantastic! There is a point in the middle of the bridge and I had to stop.


No, looking to the west the sun was just setting and the waters were turning golden, looking east the mountains were hidden by the haze, but you could sense them.


Then I came over to the other side and there was a hippy fanfare brass band standing outside a small café. A crowd had gathered and they were playing a brassy rendition of Hotel California.

The Eagles?

On a dark desert highway…..

Cool wind in my hair…

Sigh….you just can’t kill the beast.

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