Thursday 6 July 2017

Kangaroos on Bikes.

outside/two weeks ago

Is it just me….

No, I’m still here.

No, I meant am I the only one who thinks like this?

Like what?

Like that driverless cars is really something I don’t need, or want, or think is necessary?

How so?

Well, what I would like is more electric cars, and cheaper cars, or more railways and more busses – the last thing I’m interested in is a driverless car. I mean – what’s the point?

You don’t have to drive?

Take a taxi, a bus, a train! Walk!

There’s a lot of money being invested in it.

Invest it in health care, education, and decent bike paths like they have in Germany!

Something got your goat?

Driverless cars!! What a total waste of everything – time, energy, technological expertise.

Why you even mentioning then?


It made me laugh.


Then I got angry.

Go to bed.

No, I’m off for a bike ride.

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