Thursday, 27 July 2017

Food for thought.

different field/two weeks ago

How’s the Mue?

Great, thanks for asking. We’ve had a new donation.
the Mue/on the table outside under a stone

Really? I’m excited.

Here it is.                                      

Where will it be exhibited?

I thought it would look nice on the table outside the front door.

There’s a table outside the front door?

There is now.

You will need a stone on top of it to prevent it blowing away in the wind.

I have just such a stone, an unexpectedly donated stone no less.

May I see it?

It’s on the piece of paper, on the table, on the step outside the front door – you pass it directly on your way to the foyer.  

Unless you take the boat.

Unless you take the boat.

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