Friday, 28 July 2017

Ain't been There, and a hedgehog.

own F and B/couple of years back

Hey! Bob phoned whilst you were out.

The Bob! Really? How is he?

Hot apparently, they are experiencing unusually high temperatures.

Yeah, probably raining.

He had news; you might be interested.

I am.

They found an old computer, at the bottom of a box, behind a cupboard, under a shelf, behind a locked door in the archives where nobody had ever been because it was somewhere else.


And the screen didn’t work.


But they managed to link it up tan old screen where the computer didn’t work and bingo!


Him and Ms P.

Ms P! Cool.

Apparently it’s full of archived stuff that he thinks we didn’t know was archived.

I don’t know the half of it, or anything else.

He’s had a quick look, but says he needs a day and an age to cross check everything.

What do we have except days and ages?

True, anyway, he sent you this.

What is it?

Something about a hedgehog; he can’t find any sign of it anywhere else.

We must tell him thanks.

I did.

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