Saturday 15 July 2017

Courgettes, Cheese and the Tour de France.

jewellery shop/two weeks ago

Where have you been?

No where.

What have you been doing?

I cut the grass, picked some plumbs, made some courgette soup and watched the Tour de France and some Wimbledon.

I believe Le Tour is touring past your way today.

It does.

Will you participate?

Cycle, no.

I meant watch; wave a flag, cheer  - whatever you do at such a thing.

Will you?


Really? You’re passing up an opportunity for some free junk?

I have to go to the osteopath.


Lots. And I can’t shift it. I’m on four hot water bottles a day and I’m trying to figure out how to hold two in position at the same time.


Hmm it certainly is. I can’t be assed.


And there are too many courgettes. I’ve got them coming out of my ears.

The soup – would that be Micky’s Soup?

That’s the one.

With the special cheese?

You may laugh.

I did.

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