Monday 10 July 2017

Advice about a toilet.

the triplex/one week ago

I need a bit of advice.


Go ahead.

This was donated on Friday.

What is it?

A Whale. 
the mue/halfway up the stairs/exhibit w

No, I mean, is it paper?

It’s a till receipt.

Was it left on the photocopier?

NO! It was donated outside the Sherpa Restaurant in Toulouse.



So, what advice do you need?

Should I display it by the courtyard fountain….

Is there a courtyard fountain?

Yes. Well, there’s a courtyard, and there could be a fountain.

Could be?

There’s space, the old toilet.

There’s a toilet in the courtyard?

There WAS, now there’s a place where it once was but isn’t anymore and could be a fountain.


The courtyard by the fountain or….. on the wall half way up the stairs, before the first landing. There’s nothing on the wall yet, but the stairs are beautiful.

There’s no fountain either if I’ve understood you correctly so I reckon on the wall halfway up the stairs is probably best.


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