Sunday, 16 April 2017

Weird Weed.

London/pile of clothes/yesterday

What’s that smell?


Where are we?

I think you can call it a courtyard.

Not a car park then?

Well, there’s a car over there, but that’s probably a football-netball court.

So why can I smell weed?

That will be those guys, over there graffiti-ing.

What are we doing here?


What for?

The photo shoot to finish.

We’re on a photo shoot?

We are.

It’s a cool tower.

Are you in the photos?

Not really.

Am i?


There’s that non-plus again.

I’m feeling French.


Because I’m in England – I always feel more French in England.

But you’re English.

I feel more English in France.

You’re weird.

You’re weirder.           

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