Monday, 17 April 2017

A Dog called Sainsburys.

London Town/Saturday

Hang on a minute - I’m a bit confused – where exactly are we? Madrid? England?

Right this minute we’re by Sainsbury’s, look.

It’s open.

We don’t need any more chocolate.

It’s Easter.

We should be in Church, not Sainsbury’s buying chocolate.

That Lindt Orange Chocolate that we bought for your brother was really nice.

I don’t have a brother.

That’s strange. Who did we buy it for then?


Do I have a brother?

Why not? On this blog you can have a brother if you want. You can have three.


You can have a dog if you want.

What’s the dog’s name?

Your choice.


Ok. Then when we say, we’re by Sainsburys that can mean we’re out walking the dog.

Or that the dog is walking us.

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