Sunday, 19 February 2017

Zappa's Mission Statement.

not the D115/yesterday

M – Of course, if you say ‘we should post it here’…

I just did…..

That will work wherever and whenever.

That reminds me of something.


Eat that Question.


It’s the name of a film.

The one about Zappa?

That’s the one.


He said something about his attitude to art that I thought was quite neat.

What was it?

Anything, Anytime, Anyplace – for absolutely no reason.

A bit like this blog me thinks.


London Joe said...

The Martini posting,
anytime, any....

like the old advert: YouTube Martini advert 70s and there is one to enjoy

popps said...

You know Giuseppe i'm going to upgrade you to regular contributor, i'll find a special t-shirt for you.Thanks for dropping in.
Happy Birthday last month by the way!