Wednesday, 1 February 2017

As Deep as Deep is.

in the woods /up the road/today

Can I interrupt this stream of unconsciousness and ask a significant question?

You may. The year’s posts are, after all, meant to be choc full of 'significant'.

We didn’t decide that, it was a suggestion.

No matter, there won’t be a vote – just ask.

Why do we keep saying New (Y)Ear?

Are you sure it’s ‘we’?

To answer that I’ll have to scroll back.

And we’re in the back of a car!

We again!!

I’m here, you are too.

It follows.

Let us look……

Ok it was me that said it first.

Remind me; a whole day slipped past and I’m not sure where we were.

New (Y)Ear – it was me, I said it first.

So you should know what it means.

I think I do, least, well…

Speak up!

Maybe I had another idea at the time but it seems to me I was making a statement about it being the New Year AND a second round of you and me talking like this.

So ear – year, a play on words?

That’s it.

That’s it? That’s ALL it is?

You were hoping for something deeper?

I was.

Sometimes the deeper you go, the harder it is to get out.

Hmm, I think you are saying something significant here.

I might be.

A coded message?

It’s possible.

Will it be deciphered?


How do you know?

The number of coded messages I’ve coded that have been deciphered is in exact reverse proportion to the number times someone has said ‘I like you’ and meant it.

Hmm – I suspect that your analogy, if that is what it is, might not bear up to mathematical scrutiny.

Let’s move on then.

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