Tuesday 31 January 2017

Our Blesséd Lady's Alcove (and a Man Mountain).

Cologne/Dec 2016

I do, but strictly speaking we were in a side corridor.

Yes, silly me. Anyhow… I noticed a little alcove up above eye level.

That’s the Alcove.

The Alcove? Not a very imaginative name I think.

Our Blesséd Lady’s Alcove.

Ah, that’s better. Why is it so named?

Well, though it is slightly above eye-level, there have been sightings.

Of Our Lady?

That or a piece of burnt toast.

Is there an exhibit therein?

There is, but if you want to see it you will have to go to the Front Desk and book an appointment with Max.


He’s a circus lifter, he used to work as the base of a Human Pyramid Act that toured the sub continent back in the fifties. He’s a mountain of a man.


He’ll lift you up, but he’s on his lunch hour right now.

I’ll wait.

Here he is.


I told you. Now this is going to make you smile, hold tight.

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