Sunday 8 May 2016

Selcinorhc. (Dne)

see below

An intricate web of random thoughts woven together - stretching, head on pillow.
Check the football score, read about Ken Campbell.
Finally, freedom from clothes, especially socks.
Water drank.
Shoes off.
Enter house with cat.
Greet cat on street.
Sense the touch of two lips.
Kiss goodbye.
Say goodbye.
Drive streets known and unknown.
Architectural Ironmonger – I wonder.
Turn from square.
Sit in car.
Walk to car.
Cross the road, it seems so big.
Walk slowly – this is the time of risk.
Leave restaurant, you can google Guglee when you get home.
Sense the spice on the lips.
Ice breaking.
Should have been a prawn.
It was a little selfish.
Why DID the Lobster take up two seats on the bus?
Say goodnight to the lady with the bad leg.
Finish the white wine.
Why? Why does it all fade?
Oh – that restaurant closed over ten years ago, it had been perfect.
It was cheaper to buy a bottle.
I don’t need to.
Are you going for the naked body painting?
Did I laugh enough?
Sitting in a lot of swirling memories.
Awkward; can I read the book?
Coloured domestic light bulbs hanging in black, a sofa, a bed and seats.
“Are you waiting for Ken? The seating is unreserved.”
Take my book.
“I’m going to bring a lot of books.”
“Do you think the timing of the swap has to be immediate?”
Read extracts from the Diary of a Stranger.
Find the Diary of a Stranger.
Sip peppermint tea outside.
Pay for the pot inside.
Walk towards the large H.
Leave the U.
Travel the Jubilee.
Travel the District.
Top the Oyster.
“That’s where Norman went to school.”
Cross the road.
“That’s where Norman was born.
Time to go.
Shoes too.
Put clothes on again.
Drink water.
Think of deserts.
Buy water.
Cross the bridge.
Follow the canal.
Enter the gardens.
“How many times have we been up here today?”
“They make me think of fat women from the Orient.”
“Try the Tower.”
“Do you want a T-shirt for a fiver?”
Say goodbye.
Leave a tip.
Notice that the door has to scuff marks – one in the middle for hand, one at foot level.
“Spain is noisy”.
Cold beer.
Sit and squint at letters on the wall.
Tell Bob stuff I haven’t told anyone else.
Meet Bob.
Pickup the Pilgrim’s Progress.
“I can sell them to Tourists for a fiver.”
“I’ll give you three quid for the pair.”
“It’s still old.”
“It was the moon shot, it wasn’t the fifties, it was 69”
“ I sell them on E-bay for 15” - they’re from the fifties.”
“It’s incomplete, I’ll give you a quid.”
“Walls? Complete? A fiver.”
“How much do you want for this?”
Rummage, it’s why I came.
Finish the coffee.
“These are more Spanish, these are more English.”
“Are they Spanish or English?”
Look at the Bluebells.
“There are two sorts.”
Sit in the park.
Cross the bridge.
Leave the house.
Answer the phone.
Enter the house with a coffee, another.
Enter the café, another.
Take a photo of the tower – it’s at the top.
That’s changed. Why?
It’s hot.
Turn left at the Police Line.
This was where Joe Strummer came.
Look at the bluebells.
Cross the bridge.
Leave the house.
“Shall I close the curtain?”
“It’s 8, like I said”
“What time is it?”



London Joe said...

Coffee portuguese by The Big H ?

London Joe said...

Do you have time to meet up for a coffee afore ye go ?

popps said...

Yes to the first sorry to the second:-(