Friday 6 May 2016

A Finn, A Cat and a Green Bikini.


I’ve got a feeling something is about to happen…..

On this piece of paper………….On that tree.

On this piece of paper – these digital strokes.

On that tree – one of my cats, Russian.

At the foot of the tree is a dog: her name is Lumi.

Lumi belongs to Styna.

Styna is sitting opposite me at this table.

Viktor is sitting next to Styma.

Syma is Finnish.

Viktor is Argentinian.

One of them – clearly not Lumi – brought the bottle of Rioja Reserva with them from Barcelona which is standing open on the table between us.

And almost empty.

Styma has a piecrcing in her chin, or lower lip.

Viktor is naked from the waist up.

Except for a bright green bikini top.

He is sunbathing.

He needs to get a bikini shaped white non-tan on his chest.

Conversation centres on how he can achieve this.

‘Where did you get the bikini top?’
‘In Argentina; it was quite interesting buying it.’
‘Yes. I told them it was for my girlfriend. They asked me how big she was. I told them – like me. Then it got complicated.’
‘How come?’
‘They asked some difficult questions.’
‘How big is her bum?’
‘What did you say?’
‘I told them I didn’t need the bottom, only the top. They told me it was a bikini, the top came with a bottom’
‘You should have known that.’
‘I did. Then they asked me- how big are her breasts?’
‘What did you say?’
‘Like me, ok….. no,……it’s for me.’

He looks ok in the bikini top – as far as an Argentinian guy with a beard and a bright green bikini to can look.

Styna no longer cares, she is used to it.

The Russian cat up the tree isn't going anywhere.

Lumi can’t climb trees, so she waits at the bottom.

When the sun decides to settle, I will light the fire.