Monday 1 February 2016

The Quiz Of The Year (2015) Results - Another Archival Interlude

a sweep is as happy (photo by Krissie it seems)

The Quiz of The Year - a slightly annoying annual event here on Bitsnbobs  - turned out to be a hotly contested affair this year.

Usually Mary walks off with it - and she went into the lead VERY early as she inadvertently answered one of the questions before it was even answered.

Normally that would result in outright disqualification but this year is different.

She then tried to influence the judges by claiming first that she didn't want to win and secondly by suggesting that Guiseppe - who hadn't even answered - be given a whole bag of bonus points.

Normally that would result in automatic disqualification.

But this year is different.

To be honest though getting ANYONE to bother to take part is like getting beetroot out of a walnut.

But then at the last minute - just before the deadline - a betting consortium headed by people with inside information (they worked in the pantomime with me) submitted their answers.

So i've been forced to do a count of the various correct answers and hopeful guesses sent in.

Here, whilst i do the calculations, are the correct answers.

Feb 20 -
Feb 24 -
Mar 21 -
Mar 31 -
April 1 -
Apr 15 -
Apr 16 -
May 24 -
Jul 1 -
Jul 11 - old pantomime song "How many legs has daddy long legs got?"
Aug 2 -
Sep 2 -
Sep 7 -
Sep 29 -
Oct 8 -
Nov 6 -
Nov 16 -

Mary came up with 9 correct answers!!!

But the consortium of combined effort-saffy/harry/pete/joe and julian (to give them a name) scored a very respectable 13 and even pointed out that i got the number of birds wrong in one of the question!!!!!

So THE GRAND PRIZE - i don't know how you are going to split it - is on its way to you HQ.

Well done!


Anonymous said...

Good to be back - Good to be back

popps said...

it's not been the same without you!

Anonymous said...

Great photo!think I took it hehe ♡

popps said...

My camera! :-)

Reader at West London said...

Two anonymouses - Eeek or Squeek - how do I change my status?

Reader at West London said...

That's done then - Cool
Just booked to see another Beckett play - its in March ....hmmm in honest dreading it but like cerlery soup I going to give it one last chance ( but then people will say but you haven't seen Waiting for Godot so I am reading it and then that is it - finally and absolutely.
Sorry I couldn't come to Spain - but I am happy to eat churros and do the fandango (with joedjango) all over the place. Will happily read all blogs about Barcelona till the bulls come home.
It snowed today and there's a little bit of rain in my heart but mostly its good xxx

popps said...

ooooh - i can spot one annoy mouse from another!
Well, sometimes - but look - you have!