Tuesday 2 February 2016

Maggie McNally -The Archive Backlog 14

mine! (you can see why i was confused)

I fell in love with Maggie McNally
In 1962
In a queue at London Zoo.
She was buying an ice-cream, a vanilla 99.
Held in her left hand, my camera was in mine
I snapped her photo as she smiled her smile
That burrowed inside me
Building a tunnel of time
Which I tumbled into
Headfirst and blind
Never to emerge from
Till she said she’d be mine.
We married at noon, a Thursday in June
At the registry office in a Clerkenwell room
Her parents were Italian
And witnessed the deed
With a bloke from the street we asked to be there.
No one threw rice, no bells rang
We walked across the street to our home
Number Ninety Nine.

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