Sunday 28 February 2016

The Fruit - (Interlude 14)

none of life's strings

My son dropped in.

He was in the area, he’d run out of parties to go to and he thought he would keep me company.

Oh, and he needed 103 euros.

He also needed feeding, wanted to borrow my razor and my car and by the way, could he use the phone.

He was out of credit.


He has a non-pay-as-you-go-always-out-of-credit mobile-phone subscription.

And the battery is always out of power.

And he’s not sure where it is.

Oh, and I had to pay for the train ticket too.

He arranged for me to meet the train conductor on the platform around midnight.

When we got back to the house he asked what I was going to do tonight.

I said – “once I get out of this dressing gown I’m off to bed, and you?”

“Yeah, I’m off to bed soon.”

Then he ate some cereal, some yoghurt and then turned the hi-fi system on.

“Is it too loud “, he shouted.

I grunted.

Then he ate some more cereal.

In the morning I did some yoga and some stretches and he surprised me by being up before mid-day.

“Do you want some mushrooms” – he asked.

“Sure” I said. Actually it was more like “soooureek”, I was in an inverted lotus downward cat-dog pose at the time.

It’s something I’ve invented.

“I had some weird dreams,” he said as we ate our scrambled eggs and mushrooms. “Shapes and colours, no sound”, I wondered if it had been the music he was listening to as the dawn broke.

“I had some weird dreams too”, I offered. I had, and so we swapped weird dream stuff.

And we spoke about the loved ones we missed.

And we spoke about how old or young he is.

We do that a lot.

It’s difficult for me, because I suffer from the same problem but I have good reason.

He doesn’t.

I tried to point this out but he was already on face-book so he wasn’t listening.

“I’m still hungry”, he said. “Can I have some cereal?”

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